Future Works

Book One in my Terkian Triplets Series: Maiden to None, is complete and available for representation.

(Artwork by the talented ArtInInsanity: https://www.facebook.com/ArtInInsanity)


Fourteen-year-old Trinity Ikena is a surviving Terkian. She was born on the night of her kingdom’s destruction and has inherited the bloodline of her people, giving her unnatural strength. Instead of using her strength for battle, she unwillingly is being brought up as a pampered princess in the only home she has ever known, the Hydlixian kingdom. Her aunt Evita—the true princess of Hydlix—cares for the child and grooms Trinity for a future life as queen. Trinity is being pressured to marry a foreign prince, Hayden of Zayloa, and help strengthen a treaty between their two kingdoms. Trinity is much more interested in non-princess activities though, like wearing breeches, scaling towers, training with a sword and bow, and being best friends with a peasant boy turned squire, Schobe. The two of them have been close since she was young, and she fears losing him in her life.

            Trinity believes she shouldn’t have to marry anyone she doesn’t want to, especially at such a young age. She is also certain that her Terkian strength would be better used by serving as a knight of the realm. Trinity trains secretly with the retired knight commander, Guren, until one day when their relationship is strangely fractured, much to Trinity’s dismay.

            Regardless, Trinity must do all that she can to prove that she is nobody’s maiden to be wed. She will do whatever it takes to prove to her kingdom that she deserves the life she chooses for herself . Little does she know though that a mysterious plot to disrupt the balance of the royal family is transpiring in the shadows. And an even greater secret behind the night of her birth leaves Trinity questioning one painful piece of her history: She may not have been born alone.