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Book One in The Triplets of Terkia Series: Maiden to None (Expected to be completed by Summer 2020)

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com
(Not in any way affiliated with my novel. I’m still currently seeking a cover artist.)

My novel Maiden to None is a YA Fantasy geared towards readers thirteen to nineteen. It features a grand, sprawling world similar to A Game of Thrones, but with a teenage superhero Smallville feel.


            Trinity Ikena wants to be a warrior. Born with the super-human power of her extinct people—the Terkians—she prevails in jousts, leaps over castles, and changes ocean tides. But most people in her adoptive family’s kingdom view her strength as a barrier rather than a secret weapon. Even on the brink of war, her grandfather, the king, tries to marry her off to a foreign prince instead of letting her train as a knight.

            Trinity, however, is nobody’s maiden. As the night before her wedding turns tragic, she is forced to flee her home. In the wild, she’ll face new foes and put her strength to the test. She’ll also discover the biggest secret of her past: She is not alone.