Future Works

Book One in The Triplets of Terkia series: Maiden to None (Expected to be completed by Summer 2020)

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com
(Not in any way affiliated with my novel. I’m still currently seeking a cover artist.)


Trinity Ikena hates to be called a “princess.” Born as a Terkian—and raised by royalty in the Hydlixian kingdom after Terkia is mysteriously destroyed in a single night—Trinity has inherited the strong, beast bloodline of her people. She can punch through tall mountains, and change the very tides in the ocean. Trained by a retired general, at age thirteen she is already a skilled warrior and has the makings of a damn fine knight.

However, she’s bound by royal duty. She must marry the prince of Zayloa—a horrid foreigner who has learned of Trinity’s weaknesses. Her mind and body have also begun to experience strange and unexpected freak-outs whenever she least suspects. She feels a powerful connection to someone she cannot see—someone who may not even exist. When dark, unforeseen events complicate her pending nuptials, Trinity flees and finds herself alone on the road. Away from her family. Away from her teacher. And away from the one she truly loves.

Out in the wilds of Taercion, she’ll meet new friends, face harsh betrayals, and change the tides of her own destiny. She will also begin to learn the secrets of her shadowy origins. Perhaps she isn’t as alone as she’s been led to believe.