High Moon Justice

Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed writing this short story. I had always wanted to do a western, but I had also wanted to incorporate fantasy. This is the product of those two efforts. Also, a HUGE shoutout to a fantastic artist I recently discovered. She brought one of the characters in … Continue reading High Moon Justice

Gumball Eyes

Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com “The curb’s burning my butt cheeks,” Pedro complained. “I’m going back inside.”             “Fine,” I said, peering down the vacant street. “More ice cream for me.”             “Your fat ass better come get me when the truck gets here.”             Pedro punched me in the arm. He jumped up … Continue reading Gumball Eyes

Senior Hour

Senior Hour by Daniel Gatlin Photo by Silviu-Costin on Pexels.com Dorothea checked the pillow beside her. Old habit. Her Robert had been gone for seven years this November. She rose slowly, ignoring the pain in her left knee as she put on her slippers. Holding steady to her walker, she boosted herself up and began … Continue reading Senior Hour

March Villain Madness

Apparently this is a hashtag on Twitter. Who knew? I find your lack of hashtags disturbing. So I thought I'd toss my hat in to the whole villain mix. This month's featured post is all about the antagonist to my first book, Maiden to None. Her name is Kember. Here's some artwork I've recently had … Continue reading March Villain Madness

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review

I was walking around in my local B&N in early December. That’s Barnes and Noble to you non Bibliophiles. It’s cleaner than it sounds, I promise. That’s when I first stumbled upon a King title I had never heard of. It was really quite an accident. I walked past a rack of returns, and only … Continue reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review

Forgive the Pun: I’m Booked!

This post isn't really for anyone other than myself, but feel free to read along as I try to manage the chaos that is 9PM on a Wednesday. I make planning fun! Ah yes...I have no idea what any of this means. My current class at SNHU is having us schedule all of our writing … Continue reading Forgive the Pun: I’m Booked!