Other Side of the Mirror

I fell into a dream I didn’t want to leave

A place where I felt like I could live

No sadness existed or even trouble there

Even being bad was not so bad

Had some friends or maybe family

We laughed and played through the night

Ran upstairs twirling on the floor

Dancers within an endless home

Even when we met an enemy

They quickly came around

No I didn’t want to leave this dream

It was a glimpse of a life which felt my own

And knowing that this dream won’t stay

Makes me sad to have seen it there at all.

(Author’s Note: Workshopping a VERY complicated character currently. This is a poem I wrote for them. Not about me. I myself, you see, am happily living the dream. 😄)

P.S. If you enjoyed this short piece, I’ll try to write more about them later. Now that summer has finally arrived I can actually donate a little more time to my site. 😅

Stay tuned…

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