Other Side of the Mirror

I fell into a dream I didn’t want to leave A place where I felt like I could live No sadness existed or even trouble there Even being bad was not so bad Had some friends or maybe family We laughed and played through the night Ran upstairs twirling on the floor Dancers within an … Continue reading Other Side of the Mirror

“Hungry” A Sonnet by D.A. Gatlin

Empty cupboard, open up! You great deceiver, temptress of my gut. Beneath your bare shelves lies a dusty cup And now this vacant abyss has widened my rut. I’ve been betrayed by your companions before Pantries, paper bags, and freezers outside But most of all our dear refrigerator. For within her porcelain womb where food … Continue reading “Hungry” A Sonnet by D.A. Gatlin

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review

I was walking around in my local B&N in early December. That’s Barnes and Noble to you non Bibliophiles. It’s cleaner than it sounds, I promise. That’s when I first stumbled upon a King title I had never heard of. It was really quite an accident. I walked past a rack of returns, and only … Continue reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review


Well I'm breaking one of my rules. I'm posting a small snippet from the main text. But I'm only doing so because I was able to get some artwork done finally. I found a fantastic artist named Lunaros (check out her work here at https://www.deviantart.com/lunaros). I commissioned her for a drawing and she did not … Continue reading Submerged