Super Dud

Hey gang, just checking in.

I got very busy this week and fell behind with writing! Ugh! It seemed like this was the week everything decided to break down, and that included our health.

It wasn’t this cute, I can promise you that.

Nevertheless, I am happy to say I got some much needed work done today and am looking forward to new content on the website.

Incase you missed it, January’s Gift Card winner was Adan! Congrats Adan!

This month I’m switching back to Amazon cards as those seemed to have more success.

Speaking of giveaways, this month I’ll be posting another featured story and hope to have some new art up as well. As always, be sure to leave a comment and you have a chance to win.

Sorry for the short update tonight. Oh, and about that title…I totally missed the Super Bowl this year. Shocking, right? Well, it turned out alright. My daughter got to go to the park, and there wasn’t a soul there. She got to play on everything without wait. If only we had gone to Disneyland instead. 😀

This week will be all about the catch up. But I can still happily say that Maiden to None is still on track and is shaping up to be so much better than I had ever expected. I never would’ve thought choosing to rewrite the whole novel back in July would’ve resulted in this draft that I’ve grown so proud of. It’s the one I’m no longer embarrassed to share with the world.

Thank you all, and much love. I will live up to my signature this week. Write long, write strong, write on.

One thought on “Super Dud

  1. I’m still having mixed feelings about the rewrite because I really loved the original. I must admit I do love that there’s more behind each character and it’s coming out in the update. I can’t wait to read the finished work.


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