Story Time (And Some Art Updates)

Hello. Is this thing still on? Ah. Just the thing my writing blog needs. A microphone joke. Admittedly, I had taken a personal break from this blog. Well, a lot of my social media for some time. Over the past few months I've been withdrawn and began to doubt the validity of this career path. … Continue reading Story Time (And Some Art Updates)

Ember Rain

Stand strong, little warrior And let’s play outside again. Though the skies are ablaze I’ll be here beside you in this field of fire. Fighter, you’re too young to know About the world before But here’s some things we once believed... Cinderella’s problems were solved with shoes. Birthday parties were filled with smiling, singing friends … Continue reading Ember Rain

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review

I was walking around in my local B&N in early December. That’s Barnes and Noble to you non Bibliophiles. It’s cleaner than it sounds, I promise. That’s when I first stumbled upon a King title I had never heard of. It was really quite an accident. I walked past a rack of returns, and only … Continue reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King: A Book Review

Forgive the Pun: I’m Booked!

This post isn't really for anyone other than myself, but feel free to read along as I try to manage the chaos that is 9PM on a Wednesday. I make planning fun! Ah yes...I have no idea what any of this means. My current class at SNHU is having us schedule all of our writing … Continue reading Forgive the Pun: I’m Booked!


Well I'm breaking one of my rules. I'm posting a small snippet from the main text. But I'm only doing so because I was able to get some artwork done finally. I found a fantastic artist named Lunaros (check out her work here at I commissioned her for a drawing and she did not … Continue reading Submerged

Disney: King of Building Fantasies or King of Brands?

Here's a fun social experiment you can try with budding toddlers: Draw three circles on a piece of paper. You know where I'm going with this. No matter how you try to draw them, for many of us the three circles will end up looking like this. Amazing! All with a sharpie. Now comes the … Continue reading Disney: King of Building Fantasies or King of Brands?