Ember Rain

Stand strong, little warrior

And let’s play outside again.

Though the skies are ablaze

I’ll be here beside you in this field of fire.

Fighter, you’re too young to know

About the world before

But here’s some things we once believed…

Cinderella’s problems were solved with shoes.

Birthday parties were filled with smiling, singing friends in your house—all at the same time.

And candy bars didn’t have to be disinfected by Mom.

Brave gladiator, stick with me.

I lose sleep when I think of you wandering.

But to wander is to be human.

And as a great man once taught us

“Not all who wander are lost.”

While these masks we wear like battle-hardened soldiers

May keep us safe for a little while,

I fear the look in your eyes

When you realize that not every other little soldier you meet

Will be on your side.

Still, you have my strength.

The same as Frodo had Gimli’s axe.

(Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about Gimli and the rest of the fellowship from me.)

And I’ll teach you of a greater love,

One that reigns eternal.

So study hard battle angel.

And we’ll remember some important truths along the way…

That fires do burn out

And change is just another part of being human.

Evil men die, the same as the good.

And love is a sharp weapon.

Contender, you’ll be born beneath a time of ember rain.

A dangerous—but for you—familiar playground.

You’ll be stronger than I ever was.

But until you can fight

Just let me be your umbrella

As we walk hand in hand

Through the new world together.

For Mattie.

2 thoughts on “Ember Rain

  1. What an insightful perspective of life today. May it someday return to what we know as “normal “ someday. Scary thought that Ellie and Tildy might have this become their normal. Sad really. You make a great teacher!


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