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Back from a brief break so I could focus on my novel. I’m very excited at the progress I’m making with my revamped, debut novel Maiden to None. You can expect a soft release by summer 2020. Please check out my future works page for more info.

If only my breaks could look like this.

A few months ago I had an interview with an extraordinary writer named Forest Wells. Forest’s website can be found here at .

Forest has written a great debut novel entitled Luna the Lone Wolf. But before we get too heavy on those details which we will discuss, let’s meet the man of the hour. It is my pleasure to introduce Forest Wells.

No, not that type of forest! But speaking of vacation spots…

FW: My pleasure to be here.

DG: I have a copy of your book Luna: The Lone Wolf, and very much enjoyed what I have read. I like how you are able to think like a wolf, and it is clear you have done your homework when it comes to behaviors, and pack style attitudes.

FW: Well thank you. I felt like that would be something that would add to the story, so I did A TON of research into wolves. Luckily they’re a passion of mine, so it was fun too.

DG: That’s great! It shows. And your website (once again found here at has some great pics of your experiences with wolves. Want to tell us a little bit more about that?

FW: Lol. The pictures you see are from a wolf sanctuary in Lucerne. “Wolf Mountain Sanctuary”. Small scale, but they rescue wolves from bad owners or illegal breeders. They can’t go back into the wild, so they let visitors go in with them. If you’re VERY lucky, they might rub on you like the one did. Let me tell you; you have no idea how powerful they are, until they almost knock you down through a spotter’s stance.

DG: Such a fierce wittle guy.

DG: Wow, I had no idea. I can only imagine. So Forest, in regards to your journey as an author, what would you say is your favorite thing about writing?

FW: Seeing the worlds and characters come to life. When I realize that the wolves, alien foxes, dragon, whatever, feels like someone I’m reading about like in the new rather than just a story told around a camp-fire… I live for those moments. Especially when I really capture a moment of emotion.

DG: Yes! I think I can relate. I love feeling like my characters are real. Now readers can get a gist of your novel’s bio on your site, but maybe you could tell us in a few sentences what your book is all about.

FW: Nothing that isn’t there really. Everyone in the pack expected Luna to become alpha once he grew up, but before he got the chance, he was banished over a lie for a crime that NO ONE committed. He understandably turns bitter as he tried to survive alone. But even as he tries to tell himself that he’s accepted his new life, events keep poking at that notion, which eventually force him to decide if he can become that alpha (if only in personality rather than position), or if that wolf died when he was banished.

DG: It’s an intriguing dynamic. It almost reminds me a bit of Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Now since you have these very real characters, I must ask. What would you say are some of Luna’s favorite things?

DG: For the record, these are just a few of my favorite things. Cue Julie Andrews music.

FW: Ah, now there is where I differ from a lot of writers. There’s a lot I don’t know about my characters until it comes up. Probably because I’m a pantser. What little I can tell you is like any wolf, he likes a fresh kill, and a comfortable place to call “home” (which is not a den. Different things there.) He likes the moon because it calms him, and is where he got his name. Don’t know of anything more than that.

DG: Fair enough. Now you self-published, is that correct?

FW: It is.

DG: What are some of the marketing techniques you would recommend/not recommend as a self published author?

FW: Uhh, I may not be the one to ask that. I’m still learning how to market well, and my efforts thus far have, frankly? Not generated a lot of results. I would definitely be careful about spending too much. A lot of money can be sunk for very little gain. About all I can offer is to not be too proud. I just did a reading in a hole-in-the-wall outdoor venue whose bathroom was slightly better than a porta-potty. Yet, it felt good, and I suspect it would have gone better had it not been 108 degrees. Get whatever events you can, and hope for the best. More than that, let me know. I’d like to know myself.

And put yourself out there. I attended a writer’s conference, and made an impression. I may now get the chance to lead TWO workshops at their one in February… maybe (still up in the air.)

DG: Just a pic of Forest being AWESOME!
Image copyright Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

DG: Hey, that’s solid advice. I think we as authors really have to put ourselves out there wherever we can. And yes, that desert heat is no joke, but it sounds like you are committed and I know you will be a success story. A writer’s conference is another great way to make yourself known. I wish you the best with that. What is next in your writer’s journey?

FW: Well, I’m working on “Blood of an Alpha”, a prequel novella that will tell the tale of Luna’s parents, and include a deeper look in a couple of tales we heard parts of, but never got the whole story. I’m also working on a HIGHLY complex military sci-fi. That’s where the alien foxes come in. That thing has a ton of work yet to do, but it’s hit it’s stride recently. I hope it keeps up.

DG: Awesome! Sci-fi foxes sound fascinating. I’m bummed they’ve never made a Starfox movie to date. I always loved that franchise.

DG: With Danny Devito as Slippy Toad.

FW: They’re also a confusing bunch. Think nothing like us. Quite the challenge to write.

DG: No doubt. Next question. Who is one author you really admire?

FW: Jane Lindskold. She is a master at weaving several complex story lines together, and then have them crash together perfectly for the climax. She is also a dear friend and mentor.

DG: I’ll have to check her out. Does she have a site?

FW: Indeed she does.
She actually JUST released book 7 in her famous “Firekeeper” series.

DG: Uh…super jealous right now of your friendship with her.

DG: Fantastic. Another author I’d like to find out more about. Well Forest, we are nearing the end of our interview. I have two more questions for you. One about your novel and one completely random question that I like throwing in every interview I ever have. Which one would you like first?

FW: Oh, pick one.

DG: Alright, alright. If you could meet your MC Luna, what would you ask them? Assuming you could talk to animals and they could communicate with you.

DG: It’s possible Hollywood might have already milked this idea.

FW: Heh, at what point in the book? He’s a different wolf at different parts. I guess in general, I’d ask what he really sees/hears. I can only imagine what a sense of smell that powerful is like.

DG: Oh, nice thought. Perhaps he’d have an insight we could only dream of. Alright, time for the random question. Ready?

FW: Hit me.

DG: What is your favorite brand of toothpaste??? Bet you weren’t expecting that one.

DG: No one could foresee such a dumb question.

FW: I guess Colgate, but mostly because it’s not the kind of thing I exactly shop around for.

DG: Fair enough. I’m Crest all the way! Anyway…

Thank you Forest for all of your great answers. I am very appreciative of your letting me interview you. One final question. Any tips for future writers?

FW: Try several methods, but find what works for YOU. There are a lot of ways to write, and only some will work best for you. I don’t care how Steven King writes. Write like you, and the rest will take care of itself.

DG: Very nice. You mentioned one of my favorite authors too. Yes, he certainly holds a high bar that many writers would be lucky to reach half of. Thank you again Forest.

FW: Thanks for having me!

DG: Be sure to get yourself a copy of Luna the Lone Wolf which you can purchase through Forest’ book store on his site, found here at .

Howl on, brother!

Write strong, write long, write on friends!


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  1. I like that both of the posts I read have guest contributors. Gives it a cool dynamic. Also, I love that your Starfox reference seems like it went totally over this person’s head and he just keeps talking about his alien foxes. I’m reading your posts from the oldest to the most recent, because I know your Star Wars ranking is going to upset me.

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