March Villain Madness

Apparently this is a hashtag on Twitter. Who knew?

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I find your lack of hashtags disturbing.

So I thought I’d toss my hat in to the whole villain mix. This month’s featured post is all about the antagonist to my first book, Maiden to None. Her name is Kember. Here’s some artwork I’ve recently had done for her.

I know what you’re thinking. But no, she doesn’t use an inhaler.

Kember provides the much needed foil to my MC Trinity. How would I describe her? Well, being the antihero that she is:

  1. She’s brash. No religious upbringing like my MC.
  2. She doesn’t hesitate to kill or betray.
  3. She is good with her words, unlike my MC who often times stumbles over what she’s going to say next.

I’m certain the list goes on. However, I’d hate to reveal too much about her…yet.

I will however say that like all good villains her story is not completely black and white. She has her reasons for doing the terrible things she does. This origin story may give you some insight into why she turns into the ruthless killer.

The scene I’m introducing features a scene I created early in Kember’s life. In the main story she’s about forty. In this scene (which doesn’t occur in the main novel) she is still young, close to twenty. This gives you an idea of how she begins to change into the antagonist that will give my MC just…oh so many problems. A Joker receiving his scars moment if you will before meeting the Batman.

Image result for joker dancing
Not to mention before the dance lessons.

Please enjoy the villain origin story of Kember: (Trigger warning. This scene is a little darker than something I’d feature in the main novel, which is why I am including it here only. However, if you are sensitive to scenes with violent implications, especially towards that of women, I implore you to stop reading here. Like I said, this in no way paints a picture of my YA Fantasy which is geared towards younger readers. This is just a scene I’ve written about where one woman gets her metaphorical scars if you will. Thank you.)

“Are you ready?” Feun asked.

            “…Yes,” Kember replied, clutching tightly to the dagger held at her chest.

            Feun gave her a sharp look. “Don’t start second guessing your actions now. I mean it. Or I’ll never bring you on a job again.”

            Kember took a deep breath. “I promise. I’ll be fine.”

            “What we’re doing is important. The children eat tonight. Same as his, so stop worrying about lifting a few stekis from his wallet. He won’t miss them.”

            “…Sorry brother.” She steadied the dagger at her hip, and gave him a reassuring nod. It’s just a few stekis, she told herself. The children will starve otherwise.

            Feun cloaked his face under his satin mask, and motioned for Kember to do the same. She pulled her hot mask over herself. A feeling of breathlessness swept over her. She positioned her eye holes into place, though she could still barely see a thing. Feun had already stepped away from the alley. Kember ran to join him, looking at her feet the entire way to the street.

            “Give us your stekis!” Feun growled, brandishing his dagger towards a passerby on the street.

            “I—I, yes. Here, take them all. Please don’t hurt me,” begged the man they were holding up.

            Feun continued holding the dagger on the man. “Hurry,” he whispered to Kember. “Check his pockets.”

            She did as she was told. Earlier they had spotted this same man entering The Bucking Dolphin. He was alone. They always have money to spare if they can afford to squander at the Dolphin. Her brother’s words kept ringing in her head. The children eat well tonight. All told this wealthy man had over two thousand stekis’ worth in his coat pockets. Kember shoved the little golden flakes into her satchel, and handed the man back his wallet. Before she could turn to leave though, she felt a stinging blow to the back of her head which knocked her to the ground.

            She jerked back and tried to adjust her satin mask so she could see straight. Feun had his own dagger being held to the back of his unmasked head, as a heavy-set man dressed in a black cloak twisted his arm behind him. Feun shrieked in pain. Kember tried to stand up, but the wealthy man they had marked was upon her. He kicked her hard in the ribs, and ripped the satchel from her belt.

            The wealthy man lifted her mask and looked taken aback for a moment. Kember could feel her hairpin come undone. Her flowing auburn hair fell to her shoulders, sending a shiver through her body. She didn’t like the way this man was gazing upon her.

            “A girl?” He spit down on her, and then turned to the man holding her brother at knife-point. “I’ve changed my mind. Kill only the boy. I’ve got other plans for this one.”

            “No!” she screamed, trying to get back to her feet to resist.

            But it was too late. The last thing she could remember before being knocked cold was the sight of her brother’s head falling limp. His dagger was now resting in the back of his skull.

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